Biological Treatment

It’s a continuous operation spanned over 24 hrs.


For the very first time in INDIA the Batch operation spanning over just 6 hrs.

Noise Freestp

Noise free STP’s are being executed without the use of blowers in STP.


Research remained the impetus to the rapid growth of Needs Resources.

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About Company

Needs Resources is a foremost Engineering Company.

Engaged in Turnkey Projects in the field of Water Treatment, Waste Water Treatment, Internal & External Plumbing, and Fire Fighting.

We believe in innovation through our R & D. Commitment to the satisfaction of the customers, along with smooth transactions. The success of the company is progressing due to these principles that are supreme and important to the Company Goals.


Who Are We?

Hyderabad based ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Engaged in providing comprehensive solutions for:

Team of 75 dedicated professionals with expertise in handling assignments of varying sizes and complexity.

Successfully implemented 200+ projects across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha in a short span, cutting across segments.

P.S Reddy (CEO)

Products & Services

Sewage Treatment Plant

The Raw Sewage and Waste Water collected from the Toilets, Laundry, Kitchen, floor Cleaning, etc.

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Package STP

Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant (PSTP) is housed in specially designed and highly durable FRP tank.

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Water Treatment Systems

The water treatment necessary for Industrial, Residential, Gated Communities, and Commercial etc.

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Off late Automation is playing a vital role to cut down the operating cost with respect to reduction in manpower, electrical power.

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Safety of human and property is very vital in day to day living. FireFighting is essential in dealing with all mishap’s caused due to fire.

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Hydro-Pneumatic Systems

The hydro pneumatic system consists of a pressure pump and a pressure tank.

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A Gated Community with 124 Villas in 12 Acres near Gandipet has gotten External Plumbing designed by a MEP Consultant. The Estimate of the BOQ’s for Hydropneumatic Pump Water Lines & Gardening Lines along with Waste Water Lines is been given as Rs. 102.00 Lacs.

Needs Resources has taken up the same, re-engineered the wholesome with required correction with detailed calculations & selections of Pipes & Pumps & Fitting Material and made a massive difference in cost to the tune of Rs. 60.00 lacs to Rs. 70.00 lacs only by proper calculation of

a). Pressures. b). Dia of Pipe. c). Fittings required. d). Instrumentation. e). MOC of the Material. f). Re-routing the Pipe Lines to minimize the length of the Pipes. g). Removing the unwanted Accessories/Fittings etc and many more.

The Builder with his busy schedule would have simply gone ahead with the 1st Estimate of Rs.102.00 lacs, had he not engaged Needs Resources Team, Thus by considering us, there is a sizeable saving to our Prestigious Customer.

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